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Mina Deocareza

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Mina Deocareza is a superwoman from Manila, Philippines. She holds a creative writing degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman and works as a writer and editor.

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Celebration of maybes

Alcohol preference is just one of the many things I don’t know about my father. In fact, if he hadn’t died, I would not have met his friends from whom I could learn a little more about him—how he was as a teenager, how serious he was at work, what his hobbies were, and other simple things one could easily find out in a person’s “slum book” entry.

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Apps to help boost your productivity

Being productive is not easy, what with the various challenges and distractions we face each day. Good thing there are apps that can help boost productivity.
Here are some of these apps that can help you accomplish much of your to-do lists every day. Raise your productivity now with these apps. Download them today.

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Book Hunting Tips for Book Lovers

The romance with books is not just about the actual reading experience. It also involves the fun (at least for us) of hunting and buying them. Imagine, walking into a store and sniffing the pungent scent of books old and new. The thrill of looking for a book you want so badly and actually finding it among the shelves.

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Nurture Farmacy Joins Farm Tourism

Nurture Wellness Village’s very own Organic farm – Nurture Farmacy, is also taking part in farm tourism. Considered as a growing industry in the country, farm tourism allows individuals, families, and groups of friends to get closer to nature and learn what the food goes through from farm to table. Hence, it makes way for a memorable bonding activity that helps raise awareness at the same time.

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UNDERDOG: Rey Bufi of The Storytelling Project

Teaching a child how to read is one thing; making them appreciate the joys of it is another. Reading skills are necessary not only in school but also at work. It prepares children to become productive citizens. However, a genuine love for reading does more. When a child is passionate at reading, they begin to crave more than just the reception of messages and texts. They learn, adopt, and form ideas which prepare them for bigger challenges and more meaningful experiences ahead.

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One Fresh Cup Mobile Drip Coffee: Freshly Brewed Coffee Anytime ...

Coffee makes me crazy. My love affair with it began when I was four. We suddenly ran out of chocolate malt drink at home and since milk always made me feel sick, I resorted to drinking coffee.

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Make The Most Of Your First Indie Gig!

You’ve probably been heard a lot about indie gigs lately and you might have been so curious about what happens in one. To find out the answer you’ve been looking for, why not give it a shot? It’s going to be fun, for sure. But of course, like in any other “first times” in your life, this may leave you surprised and overwhelmed as some point, too.

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Must-Have Apps for the Holiday Season

Many events, gatherings, and get-togethers take place during the holiday season. With all the parties you need to attend or prepare for, trips you have to make, and gifts that need wrapping and delivery, you will find the following apps helpful.

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Philippine Daily Inquirer

What love taught me about copywriting

The client’s rejection letter hurt me the way sudden breakups crush teenage lovers’ brittle hearts. I was speechless for several minutes, clueless on how to handle the situation.

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Quick and Easy Bakes! Oh Mug Gosh PH Microwavable Mug Cakes

I hate cravings. I hate them because they send me to places I never thought I would visit at night’s unholiest hours. When I have cravings, I drop whatever I am doing and run to the store or restaurant where I can get whatever I long to eat. I simply become a slave to my cravings. Things can get really tough, you know, especially when I crave something that just seems impossible to find at the moment.

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Acne Problems? There’s Still Hope with AcneCare!

Stress can be really bad for the skin, especially if your face is naturally oily. According to experts, stress and oiliness are among the most common causes of pimples. Add pollution on the list as well. Being exposed to pollution on a daily basis can make your skin even more vulnerable to zits. So, apart from trying to manage your stress (by getting a massage from a reputable spa or devoting time to your favorite hobby perhaps), you should also pay attention to your personal hygiene.

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Vikings: The Luxury Buffet for Every Juan

Nothing beats weekend food trips. The idea of visiting different places in search for mouthwatering dishes is truly exciting. Do not fret, though, even if you are not in the mood to go from one place to another to try different cuisines. Fortunately, there is a place where you can sample dishes from different places without having to go elsewhere. That place is Vikings, the biggest buffet restaurant in the country.

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Snowcaps and Snow Skin Whitening Soap: Say Hello to a Fairer, Healthier You

Have you been thinking of trying Glutathione but are hesitant, wondering what its effect on your health would be? You have nothing to be worried about it, honestly. I myself used to think that Glutathione was only for those who wanted fairer skin. In fact, I was so hesitant, too, since I was not really aware of what it was. My perception changed, though, when I read stuff about it online.

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Artbox: Artsy Fartsy Notebooks, Pens, and More

Makati is one of the busiest cities in the country. With the Central Business District in it, people usually associate it with traffic, long hours of work, and even crowdedness. I, myself, had my own share of it two years ago, when I worked as a copywriter for a BPO company along Rufino Avenue. I had to brave the daily traffic, endure long lines at restaurants during lunch breaks, and compete with a thousand other workers for a seat (or even just a space) on a public utility vehicle.

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5 Things Youth Volunteers Will Surely Understand

The world is such an awesome place because of volunteerism. Because of volunteers, there are people who are willing to do things without expecting for anything in return. Despite the increase of crime rates in some areas, we can be assured that there are still people who never get tired of serving others genuinely and selflessly. Sure, among these kind-hearted people are actually youngsters.